Squadrons 2.0 update fixes hundreds of issues

Ship Builder updated to match changes

Yesterday saw the release of a huge Sqaudrons patch, including but not limited to:

  • Ranked MMR reset
  • Updates to the fleet battles mode
  • Ship balancing
  • Story Fixes
  • UI and VR updates

Full details of the patch can be found here.

The patch saw one ship receive a multiplayer balance change which wouldn't have come as a surprise to many. Since release, the TIE Bomber had plagued both dogfights and fleet battles alike with its vast health pool and powerful load-outs. Changes to the TIE bomber are as follows:

  • TIE bomber default hull decreased to 2000 (from 2500)
  • TIE bomber Reinforced Hull benefit decreased to +50% (from +60%)

This change takes the maximum health of the TIE Bomber when equipped with a reinforced hull down from 4000 to a more palatable 3000, a sizeable decrease that has shocked some in the playerbase. Most pilots were in agreement that changes needed to be made, but losing 25% of its hull value in one patch may play out to be a step too far.

The SquadronsBuilds ship builder app has been updated to match the TIE Bomber updates.

TIE Hangar

Update 2.0 is one that the community had eagerly awaited for some time, addressing some of the biggest issues that have plagued the game since day 1. I'm personally very excited to jump back in again and try out fleet battles now that matchmaking and rankings have been addressed. I'd love to hear which change you're happiest about in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!