Star Wars: Squadrons short film 'Hunted'

New CG video gives an excellent look into Squadrons gameplay

With little over two weeks left until the release of Star Wars: Squadrons, EA and Motive have sent hyperdrives into overload with the release of the new short film, entitled 'Hunted'.

The film follows Imperial pilot Varko Grey as he navigates an attack on an Imperial dockyard, some time after the battle of Endor. New Republic forces are on the offensive after the death of the Emperor and destruction of the second Death Star.

From a gameplay perspective, the video shows off a range of components available within Star Wars: Squadrons, my favourite being the Sensor Inverter, which can only be equipped on the Imperial TIE Interceptor or New Republic A-Wing. The sensor inverter has the ability to divert homing missiles back to where they came, with potentially devastating effects. As with every component in Squadrons, a powerful effect comes with a drawback. In this case, the inverter has a relatively low ammo count and long cooldown time, meaning you'll need to be selective about when it's activated in battle.

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